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Isobox is a highly versatile self-supporting metal panel that features micro-ribbing on both sides and is insulated with either polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam with a snap-in joint. Its visible fixation system makes it easy to install, and it is designed for use in the construction of walls and facades in industrial and prefabricated buildings, drying chambers, and other compartments.

In addition to its excellent thermal insulation properties, Isobox also boasts a symmetrical section and classic profiled surfaces that ensure it delivers excellent aesthetic results, making it a great choice for various applications where both functionality and appearance matter.

With Isobox, you can enjoy the benefits of a highly durable, self-supporting panel that offers excellent thermal insulation while maintaining an attractive, classic appearance. Whether you are looking to construct walls and facades in an industrial or prefabricated building or need to create drying chambers or other compartments, Isobox is a reliable and versatile option that can meet your needs.


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