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SSC Panel

The SSC Panel is an innovative roofing solution characterized by its high mechanical resistance. It is the only panel with a double structural layer, making it 100% passable and highly durable. The increased amount of steel in the ridges of the panel enhances its mechanical resistance and cooling capacity, resulting in a fresh and long-lasting roof.

The SSC Panel represents the next generation of roofing panels, offering superior cooling, quietness, and durability due to its advanced construction technology. It is a continuous length panel that is mechanically stitched and fastened using clips without perforations, making it ideal for applications with minimal slope and very long slopes.

The SSC Panel is an innovative roofing solution that offers exceptional mechanical resistance, cooling, and durability. Its unique construction technology, including a double structural layer and mechanical stitching, makes it highly effective at maintaining a cool and quiet environment. Its passability and clip fastening system without perforations make it an ideal solution for roofs with minimal slope or long slopes.

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