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CINDURIB-IT is an exceptional sheet that exceeds the highest European manufacturing standards, incorporating cutting-edge Ondulit technology. This technology utilizes multi-layer asphalt coating and enameled aluminum foil on both sides to provide effective anti-corrosive and anti-acoustic protection. The sheet's superior construction prevents galvanized steel from oxidizing and effectively soundproofs it against noise from rain and hail.

In addition to its noise reduction properties, CINDURIB-IT also offers remarkable thermal inertia and exceptional resistance to corrosion in harsh environments such as marine, industrial, and urban atmospheres, as well as other corrosive agents. Its unique construction results in a sheet that is cooler, quieter, and more durable than other options available.

Furthermore, the white version of CINDURIB-IT is particularly remarkable as it is the coolest conventional sheet in the world. The sheet's noise reduction properties are equally impressive as it is entirely silent in the rain, with a 2.33 times lower noise level compared to asbestos-cement sheets. With its outstanding features, CINDURIB-IT is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a top-quality sheet that offers optimal protection, durability, and noise reduction properties.