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Opalit (UPRC)


Opalit (GC) is a top-quality, 100% opaque thermosetting plastic laminate that offers superior resistance to corrosion while reducing heat concentration in interior spaces. This makes it an excellent choice for various applications, particularly in environments with high levels of corrosion, such as the dairy industry, swimming pools, fertilizers, saline environments, laboratories, and livestock, among others.

One of Opalit's most notable features is its compatibility with existing Cindu profiles, allowing it to be easily integrated into industrial, agro-industrial, and residential settings. Additionally, the panel is available in a fire retardant presentation, making it an even more reliable choice for safety-critical applications.

Opalit (GC) is designed with Gel Coat protection and various colors on the side that is exposed to the sun, which adds an aesthetic appeal to its durability. The panel's interior has a gray hue, providing a neutral color that complements a wide range of interior designs.

In summary, Opalit (GC) is a top-quality, corrosion-resistant plastic laminate that is ideal for various applications, thanks to its excellent heat reduction and durability properties. Its compatibility with existing Cindu profiles and availability in fire retardant presentation make it a versatile choice for industrial, agro-industrial, and residential settings. Additionally, its various colors and gray interior provide an attractive and neutral appearance that is ideal for various interior design styles.